VIMPLE - is a voucher to access VPLedger testnet and is created to support the early access Lifetime Membership Subscription uniquely sold FROM earliest day of launch estimated late September or early October UNTIL mainnet is expected introduced early January 2020. VPLedger (VPG) is a new type of DLT - it’s the protective blockchain designed for legal business operation in a secure, scalable and high-speed infrastructure around the world with all the advantages of blockchain technology. 1 VIMPLE = VPL Early Access. Available from 1st day of launch expected late September, early October 2019. Possible at any time to place OBITS pre-orders to ensure availability, they will just not be filled until time of launch. Details of launch time can be found on the designated VPLedger official website from August 10, 2019 as this is the time website will go live. Following will be made available upon receipt of 1 VIMPLE voucher and once signed up and performed the necessary KYC minimum requirement: *VIP - One user, one account *VIP - Up to 75% discount, exclusive offer. *VIP - Lifetime membership. Early Access only (details available on VPLedger website from Aug 10, 2019) *VIP - 1,000 Vimple (VPL) tokens. This amount will be carried forward to mainnet upon launch. *Reseller/affiliate option upon signed agreement, with up to 20% commission on all completed sales during early access, and 30% from launch of mainnet. *Email with digital instruction manual. *Free invitation to first month webinar membership signup (valid from 1 January 2020). *End User Licence Agreement to be signed upon registration. Link to planned services to be made available on VPLedger from point of Early Access testnet period will be added to this description on August 10, 2019. NB! VIMPLE can be withdrawn to VPLedger and can be sent to other accounts on BitShares network, for others to sign up on VPLedger as well. Remember, only 1 VIMPLE per identified individual. It cannot be traded and is therefore not enabled for same activity. Main purpose of VIMPLE is to give easy access to VPLedger, to test the framework, to enjoy the opportunity of Lifetime membership and its referral link offering each user a unique chance to build his or her own residual income from future referrals and their spending habits on VPLedger, and to take part in the contribution to prepare VPLedger for the mainnet on early January 2020, it is however, not meant as any kind of tool of investment. It is in short - The purchase of a Lifetime Membership with tools included to operate, navigate and pay for services and products on VPLedger on its early access testnet, and later, on its mainnet. VPLedger is a product of the Danish company OpenLedger ApS, AppleBys Plads 7, DK-1411 Copenhagen , Denmark. Official website:

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